About Kotha

Kotha is Bangladesh's first Social & Lifestyle app. Kotha is "made in Bangladesh", for Bangladesh and created by a team of very talented Bangladeshi developers, software engineers and data scientists. This is the first time social media and lifestyle services brought together in a Bangladeshi platform.

Kotha's vision is "এক কথা'য় সব হয়", meaning one app for all, to become indispensable part of Bangladeshi people's lifestyle and everyday life. Kotha's mission is to build a Bangladeshi community around the platform, connect them with each other, onboard local partners having useful services and to make a positive impact and add value to Kotha user's everyday life with innovative services.

Kotha is a product of Kotha Apps & Technologies Ltd. - a technology company based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The people behind Kotha have proven track records of building & operating world class highly scalable products and services and have decades of experience in IT industry.

Kotha project was initiated on 2015 and formal beta launch was on February 12, 2020. Kotha app is available for both Android and iPhone. We believe that our product speaks for ourselves. If you haven't tried Kotha App yet, try it out. We are proud to be Bangladeshi and if you are a Bangladeshi, we are confident that you won't be disappointed.

Reach us out if you have any question or if you think there is any opportunity that we should explore together. Feel free to email us here. We would love to hear your thoughts.